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Hand Carved Whale Tail Spiral


This hand carved piece made out of 600 plus year old walrus knuckle bone is one of the artists new designs. The spiral is a representation of new growth or new beginnings and the whale tail represents protection.  Together they are said to bring protection to its wearer in life's many endeavors.  The piece is wrapped in a strong durable nylon cord in your choice of black, brown or tan and can either be made adjustable or at a fixed length.  Walrus knuckle bone is a very durable material and both it and the cord can be worn safely in the water.  Each 1.5 x 1.25 inch piece is hand made and there may be slight differences in appearance. This piece can also be carved out of a variety of materials upon request (prices may vary) - email for details.   Please note: All items are handcrafted / made "to order" - please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for the artist to make the product for you.

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