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600 Year Old Walrus Jaw Bone Carved Into Double Hook


This material is 600+ year old walrus jaw bone I get from Alaska. Because The material has been in the ground for so long it has soaked in the color of the earth it lays in. This is a beautiful strong material that polishes nicely. Because of the colors this material gives a nice authentic look. This is an original design of mine incorporating the hook and the spiral (koru) The fish hook represents strength determination safe travels over water and that of a provider. Spiral represents a fern frond opening. New starts new life new beginnings. Each piece is individually hand crafted from natural materials by me. Due to the fact that they are hand made and of natural materials there will be variances in color. I make the cord either adjustable or a fixed length to your desire. Also you have 3 choices of color. Brown is pictured and can also choose from tan or black.   Please note: All items are handcrafted / made "to order" - please allow approx. 3-4 weeks for the artist to make the product for you.
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